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Will Eddies feast on roasted RailHawk this Thanksgiving weekend?


It feels kinda fitting that, on the Thanksgiving long weekend, the Carolina RailHawks will be visiting Clarke Stadium.

That’s because FC Edmonton has feasted on roasted RailHawk, with a side of potatoes, so far this season. In two previous meetings, the Eddies have got all six available points, and scored a total of, gulp, nine goals. The Eddies scored six on the RailHawks the last time they came to Clarke Stadium.

So, the key on Sunday is to forget all of that. The Eddies certainly won’t be expecting another six-goal eruption against a Carolina team that has made several signings during the fall season that have been designed to make it tougher to play against. This past week, the RailHawks signed former Sporting Kansas City midfielder Alex Martinez.

“We don’t look at past wins or past matches, to be honest,” said Eddies captain Albert Watson. “We’re just taking every match as it comes. Look at the last game against Tampa (a 1-1 draw), we should have won the game. It was a diabolical call by the referee (which gave the Rowdies the equalizer on a penalty kick) and I’ve looked at it again a bunch of times and I still don’t know what he’s called there. That’s the way it’s gone for us this year and we have to get on with it.

“So, we’re not going to look past games. We know Carolina has added strong, strong to their squad over the last six weeks. It seems like they’ve added a player every week. They’re going to be a tough team to play against on Sunday.”

Coach Colin Miller said that the Eddies have to toss the previous two successes against Carolina out the window.

“We’ve not even mentioned them (the previous wins). To be honest with you, it’s a very different Carolina team than came in last time. Colin (coach Colin Clarke) has made changes to his roster and added more stability to their group. They are harder to break down. I watched them play against Fort Lauderdale a couple of times and I watched them when they played recently against Indy, so I don’t expect to see another 6-1 performance. Sure, I’d love to see that for the Eddies, but I don’t see it happening.”

The Eddies are in sixth place in the NASL overall standings. Right now, the fourth spot — and holders of the last available post-season seed — belongs to Fort Lauderdale. With four games left on the season, the Strikers are six points up on the Eddies. The RailHawks are in fifth, five points up on Edmonton.

So, with the games running out, a draw would not serve the Eddies at all. Miller said the outlook on the match is “win at all costs.” Miller said that he and the coaching staff go over the scenarios before all games, planning out possible substitutions depending on if the Eddies are ahead, behind or drawn. He said that, if the game is tied with 20 minutes left to go, the moves will all be “positive,” as it’s clear the Eddies can’t afford a single point.

“For the most part (when team is tied late), we’ve said ‘let’s win.’ There have been times when we’ve said, ‘we’ll take a draw, but we won’t play for a draw.’ I definitely admit that on one or two occasions over the past two seasons. But our substitution plan for Sunday will be a very positive one, I assure you.”

Kareem Moses, who left the Tampa game with an injury, was training yesterday. Initially, the coach was afraid the fullback had done damage to his ribs, but Moses is ready for action. Eddie Edward, the fullback who has played the last couple of game in central midfield, will miss the match because he was sent off last week.

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  1. Soccerfan

    October 11, 2014 at 3:22 am

    Kahkakew speaks the TRUTH!!!

  2. Kahkakew Yawassanay

    October 10, 2014 at 10:30 pm

    I seriously doubt FCE will win this game let alone make the playoffs. Fans are overlooking that FCE are really just a .500 club overall that had an abysmal spring season which will end up costing them a shot at the playoffs and, along with their inability to score , hold leads resulting in too many ties. They had chances to make up ground and dropped points against clubs they are battling with no thanx to too many bookings, they have no one to blame but themselves. Carolina has won games when they had to and, even with a win, three other clubs are right there. When your top scorer is a defender you have serious issues with offence. At least they had their best year to date and crowds grew even though they are still embarrassing considering the population they have to draw on they should be very grateful the Faths seem oblivious to their financial losses and continue to provide a mediocre coach and roster the chance to play in the NASL, how much longer they can do this with the results and small crowds is a mystery as this season looks lost as they missed their opportunities. I predict next year is the final year for FCE if they do not win one season or qualify for the playoffs and crowds are averaging under 4500

    • Tomas

      October 13, 2014 at 7:04 am

      FCE 3-0 over Carolina-your prediction wrong,no surprise.Crowds up over 1000 per game over last season.Club is playing great and are for real.You and your brother in negativity soccerfan have no more credibility.

      • Soccerfan

        October 13, 2014 at 9:03 pm

        Tomas, that is the biggest misconception that the crowds are up by 1000. I have been to several games and tuned in on television, the numbers are no different than last year. The front office will play the little game of spinning the story of however they like. If you prefer, I could take several screenshots of the stands and send them to you. The attendance is no different. And go ahead and pat yourself on the back when they finish out of the top four. “We had a great season.” You can keep repeating that mantra over and over again. The damage was done along time ago in regards to them not getting a spot in the playoffs. Finally, I have a little present for you at the end of the season of a nice detailed report of Miller complaining every time they have lost. Guess what there seems to be overwhelming evidence that he toots his horn after a loss? The Oilers are in season and the city of Edmonton has moved on.

      • ArealSoccerfan

        October 14, 2014 at 10:15 pm

        Tomas speaks the TRUTH!!!

        While the Eddies feasted on Railhawks and myself on turkey over the weekend how was the crow Soccerfan and Kahk?? I’d imagine you both ate a lot of crow. Surprised you could with all that egg on your face as well. Crow eating -yes….credibility -nil.

        You both need to move on like the Oiler fans seeing as your tired ol’ cliche argument of Colin Miller complaining about the refs has fallen on deaf ears. Move on…just move on.

        FC Edmonton stepped up with their backs against the wall and won handily. FC Edmonton needed to win this game and they did. Btw their top scorers are Daryl Fordyce (a forward) and Lance Laing who has moved up to midfielder.

        And crowds are up. Notice the two sections that are sponsored by the YMCA and Canadian tire. They weren’t sponsored last yr and you know how that works. Those sections are sponsored meaning the companies have paid to have those sections just like a lot of the other areas in the stands. Just because people aren’t sitting down in those seats it doesn’t mean that they are not paid for. For TV viewing it does suck. I’ll agree with Soccerfan on that one. And that’s something that the head office will need to deal with and I hope they find better ways of getting butts to show up. As well there’s more sponsorship on the field boards and more sponsors during the tv broadcast this year. It’s better than it was last year and I’d like to hope that it’s better next year. Growing slowly but surely. Being positive!

        So you two trolls need to move on as both of you bring nothing to the conversation, If you want to be critical be constructive about it unless you like to troll on here because of a personal vendetta.

        That’s it for me….now to go back to eating leftover turkey…;))))

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