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Three more years: FCE hands Miller and his staff a mandate


Colin Miller believes that the length of his contract is a message to the naysayers who think that FC Edmonton won’t be around much longer.

“The stability and the direction of the club, the fact that our owners, Tom and Dave Fath, have offered me a three-year contract is an incredible statement. It says to any of the doubting Thomases out there who have said that we may not exist in x amount of years, it’s a statement that we’re here and we are going to be in the community, to thrive in the community and to grow as a club and as a football culture.”

On Thursday, the club announced that Miller, assistant Jeff Paulus and keepers coach Darren Woloshen were all signed to three-year extensions.

Miller said that, when he took over as coach ahead of the 2013 season, he told the owners that it would be a five-year project to turn the team around. He said that the first year was almost a total wash, as so many changes had to made to both the roster and the culture of the team. But, in the fall season, the Eddies surged, and went from a club near the bottom of the NASL table to a club that pushed for a post-season spot till the penultimate week of the regular season.

But, Miller has been given the chance to complete the five-year project.

And that work begins in the team’s final game of the season, when it hosts the Atlanta Silverbacks on Sunday. The Silverbacks’ future is murky; the team;s brass has admitted that the future of the club is uncertain. Does a white knight save the team and keep it in Atlanta, is the franchise sold and moved to a new city, or does the team self-relegate to third-division USL-PRO?

Miller said that he expects that the Silverbacks players will come and give very good account of themselves. He said they know there’s a history of FCE signing former Atlanta players — or, in the case of defender Beto Navarro, buying a Silverback. So he believes that players who know they might all become free agents will show their best.

“They know they are in the shop window,” said Miller.

“The Atlanta side that will come here, I watched their game twice so far, the game against Carolina from last week. They’ve got good players, there’s no question about it. Sure, the club may be in disarray at the moment, but we have to treat them with respect because they do have those good players, key players who are match-winners for them. And we haven’t beat them yet this season.”

After the Atlanta game, the business of planning for next season goes into full swing. Miller expects to bring in four or five new players, but said that he wants to keep the core of the team intact. It’s now about adding a few pieces.


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  1. Soccerpro

    November 2, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    Good for Miller-I have to admit I was wrong about him and he really is an excellent coach.The team he’s built is a very good one and the eddies continue to grow as a team.

  2. Ian

    October 31, 2014 at 9:02 pm

    As a long time season ticket holder, this past season has been the highlight. The front office smoothed out a lot of issues, the new stands are great, game day experiences have improved substantially, and best of all, we saw a lot of home wins! Value for dollar still can’t be beat, it’s great soccer and glad to see the long-term commitment from ownership. Now those on the fence need to step up and get season’s tickets, or attend more games and bring friends out. Kudos to the supporters group – they’re working hard. Let’s all build the game experience up to the point that everyone wants to be a part of it and we fill that little stadium, every game.

  3. left back

    October 31, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    good for CM , Paulus and staff. They deserve it. I hope the franchise survives.

    I want to take you back to a time when the team first got going under the management of Petrone and whoever else was part of the management team.

    Hiring coaches like Lodeweges and Sinkgraven… paying them $250 000 a season. Pre season in Phoenix for 2 weeks then staying south to play Tampa Bay first game. Wasting so much money. I am surprised the team stayed afloat early doors. It was criminal when you really think about it.

    Now CM has come in… no more BS. Pre season on the Coast 10 days… budget down… do it on ‘the cheap’ but get quality out of it. There is a level of stability to the team.

    It is too bad that this didn’t happen from the beginning. Fath lost so much money early on that it created a bad situation now. If he hadn’t lost so much up front… the stability of the team would be that much stronger. Anyway… the team is still here, for now, and i wish them the best.

    The Fath group must be doing well as the whole city of Edmonton is under construction!

    All the best to my fellow FCE supporters and haters.

  4. aREALsoccerfan

    October 31, 2014 at 12:35 am

    And wait for it….

    Drum roll please…

    And here are the unoriginal machinations of Colin Miller’s biggest non-supporter…

    Speak the truth!!!!

    • Soccerfan

      October 31, 2014 at 5:03 am

      aREALsoccerfan, obviously you didn’t read what I had to write. I said it was a nice job by Miller to get paid. Next time, take the time to read the context.

  5. Soccerfan

    October 30, 2014 at 11:37 pm

    The coaching staff can give themselves a pat on the back but it doesn’t really illustrate the financial direction of the club. My friend brought up a point the other day, “how come old successful men think that the pinnacle of success is owning a sports franchise?” Generally, a majority of them lose money rather than earn money. In fact the irony of this article is talking about another NASL franchise that is close to folding or moving to a lesser platform. Just because somebody has a contract doesn’t guarantee anything. But big ‘ups’ to Miller for getting paid.

    If anybody really wants to examine the complex nature of owning a professional franchise and more specifically, football (soccer). Check out the documentary the FOUR YEAR PLAN. Brillant look at the Queens Park Rangers and the owners. Fath will get all the education he needs.

  6. cwell

    October 30, 2014 at 11:26 pm

    That’s good news. One can only hope that more people show up to support the team next year. NASL is a good and entertaining level of soccer, based on the ten or so games that I’ve seen in Ottawa this year. FCE owners, Miller and the players deserve support from the sporting public.

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