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Sportsnet One to carry 4 of Canada’s 6 WC qualifiers


Four of Canada’s six opening-round World Cup qualifiers will be available on Rogers Sportsnet One.

The Canadian Soccer Association announced Tuesday that all three qualifying games at BMO Field will be broadcast live on Sportsnet One, while the Sept. 6 away match to Puerto Rico will also be carried live.

But Sportsnet will not be picking up the Oct. 7 away match to St. Lucia and the Nov. 11 trip to St. Kitts and Nevis. This isn’t unusual; in qualifying for the 2010 World Cup, Sportsnet didn’t pick up the broadcasts for Canada’s early-round away fixtures in the Caribbean, either.

The CSA stated that there would be some video coverage of Canada’s two road trips to the Caribbean on its YouTube channel, CanadaSoccerTV (youtube.com/CanadaSoccerTV).

The Oct. 7 date puts the Canada game in direct conflict with one of Rogers’ most prized properties, the Major League Baseball playoffs. Two National League division series are slated to be contested on that night.

On Nov. 11, four Canadian NHL teams are in Friday-night action — both the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames are on eastern road trips, while the Ottawa Senators are in Buffalo. Those games would pose potential conflicts for Sportsnet. Vancouver plays in Anaheim that night, but that game wouldn’t likely face off until a game in the Caribbean was over.

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