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GOLTV confirms talks with NASL over 2012 coverage


GOLTV has confirmed that it is in talks with the NASL about extending its coverage of the league into the 2012 season.

The debut of TEAM NASL, a new magazine show featuring the eight franchises in the league, aired last week. Three episodes were filmed and are airing as the league finishes its playoff run.

And Adrian Costas, content manager for GOLTV, confirmed Thursday that talks are underway to bring the magazine show back for next season.

“Currently, GOLTV and NASL are in talks for next season,” wrote Costas in an e-mail to The 11. “I don’t know about game coverage, but the continuity of the show looks feasible.”

Costas works out of the network’s Florida head office. GOLTV Canada is run out of Toronto and is administered by Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. The two GOLTV stations often simulcast programs, such as La Liga and Bundesliga matches, but the Canadian network does carry some unique fare, such as the Toronto FC broadcasts and magazine shows. GOLTV Canada is also subject to Canadian-content requirements. Both GOLTV and GOLTV Canada are showing TEAM NASL.

Next season, the NASL is slated to have just one Canadian team — FC Edmonton. Ottawa is scheduled to join after the capital city’s new stadium is ready.

Sources have told The 11 that Montreal and Vancouver are still lobbying to have their reserve sides play in NASL, but that’s a matter for MLS to decide. NASL has confirmed that both teams have retained their NASL membership — even though they have left for MLS.

Rumours also continue to fly about a possible franchise in southern Ontario. But the United States Soccer Federation requires that 75 per cent of the NASL’s franchises be American based, so the league would likely need to ask for a special dispensation from the USSF if all the rumoured Canadian franchises were to come to pass. And, the Canadian Soccer Association is studying the feasibility of an all-Canadian Div.-2 at the moment.

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One Comment

  1. Doug

    October 16, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    This headline should be changed. Bad journalism. You are making it sound like GolTV wants to broadcast NASL games which isn’t the case according to the email.

    The email said that bringing back the NASL infomercial show is feasile. Of course it is. GolTV is getting paid by Traffic to run the stupid thing. They have no interest in some US minor league unless NASL/Traffic is paying them. No different than the USL paying Fox Sports Channel to run USL Breakaway. There is zero interest in anyone to broadcast North American minor league soccer. No one will watch. Nobody even cares about these NASL clubs in their own markets.

    I won’t even comment on the Vancouver and Montreal stuff. I haven’t heard about them forming MLS farm teams in NASL in a looong time. MLS probably won’t even allow it until they have formed a MLS2 out of D2. You are just throwing stuff at the wall.

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