Saiko says FCE must improve its possession game ahead of Rowdies tilt

The 4-3-3 system is based on keeping the ball. Players move around the pitch and make themselves available for passes.

FC Edmonton is focusing on doing a much better job at possessing the ball, something that midfielder Shaun Saiko felt the team failed to do in its NASL season-opening loss to Fort Lauderdale on Saturday.

“We have been working hard,” said Saiko from Florida, as the Eddies prepare to face the Tampa Bay Rowdies on Saturday. “We were disappointed in the loss, but there were some positives that we felt we could build on, and there are things that we’d like to correct.”

The first thing is possession. Edmonton had a man advantage over Fort Lauderdale for more than 50 minutes, but Saiko said the team was giving the ball away too easily. FCE needs to make the opponents chase shadows, and wear down defences by making them chase, chase, chase.
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