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Ottawa Fury, Admiral unveil three kit-design options


As it did with its name and logo, the Ottawa Fury FC will consult with fans over the look of its red and black kits.

On Saturday, during an NASL viewing party at an Ottawa pub, the franchise unveiled three jersey options. Fans have until Sept. 8 to visit the team’s official website, OttawaFuryFC.com, and vote for the kit designs they like the best.

“We want our fans to be an integral part of the process of building the Fury FC brand,” said Fury FC President, John Pugh, in a release issued by the club. “Having helped us choose both our name and logo, what better way to involve our supporters than asking for their input in selecting our inaugural season kit, the colours Ottawa’s team and our fans will proudly wear in the 2014 NASL season. We look forward to your input.”

The Fury begin NASL play in 2014. The team used online polling to help it take the temperature of its fans before it settled on keeping the Fury name (OK, it added the “FC” to the name carried by the PDL and W-League clubs) and selecting its logo. The team has a kit deal in place with Admiral (CLICK HERE)

Here are the choices below.


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  1. Seathanaich

    August 27, 2013 at 11:22 pm

    NASL has some great uniforms: Tampa Bay and Fort Lauderdale have great hoops; Carolina’s orange is fresh and bright; Cosmos all-white and all-green are historic; and Atlanta does good things with their red and black hoops. Ottawa Fury need to keep those other clubs in mind when doing this, while also standing out from other Ottawa and Canadian sports teams, and other pro North American soccer teams. The jersey is not a fashion show that should change every two years: it should be a central part of the identity that they stamp onto their club permanently. This decision is something they need to make and stick with.

    If they are going to really commit to the centre design, a la Ajax or PSG, then it’s a good look, and they will really set themselves apart; but if they’re just going to change again in a few years, then that’s the wrong way to look at the uniform. The left hand design needs to be re-thought: the split shorts are NOT good. If you’re going with halves on the jersey, you need to go with solid black shorts (or better yet, solid white ones). If they commit long-term to that identity, then it’s an excellent and unique identity; if they switch patterns in two years, then it’s just a gimmick.

    The solid black jersey with red and white squggles is generic. There are too many “black” teams in sport today, and there are far too many teams in MLS doing the same colour shorts and jerseys (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, New England, Columbus, DC, Los Angeles, Salt Lake, etc). Black isn’t “intimidating” or “hip”, it’s boring. Like all-white, it should be used very sparingly.

    They should wear red and black stripes, with white shorts. It’s the best choice, and would really make the Fury stand out both from the other Ottawa sports teams; and within Canadian and North American soccer; and in contrast to the hooped jerseys already seen in NASL soccer (Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, and Atlanta).

  2. Ray

    August 25, 2013 at 5:34 am

    I like the half red half black jersey, but since soccer is during the warm months of the year and especially in the US south wouldn’t it get awful hot. Fc Edmonton also have the all-black jersey and I don’t envy the players.

    • Steven Sandor

      August 25, 2013 at 5:43 am

      Yup. Trust me, players dislike black jerseys when the sun is out. It looks good, but there’s a reason teams tend not to choose black for jerseys other than for stripes.

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