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“It won’t happen again”: FC Edmonton’s Laing guarantees there won’t be a repeat of last week’s first-half performance


Lance Laing has a made a promise: It won’t happen again.

And what is the “it” to which the FC Edmonton left winger is referring? It’s what happened in the first half of Saturday’s NASL season opener in Jacksonville. The Eddies gave up three goals in the half, including a strike just 12 seconds after the opening kickoff. The Eddies lost the opener 3-1, and the team is back in Edmonton, prepping for Sunday’s home opener against the Carolina RailHawks.

“We know we are better than what we displayed,” Laing said after the Eddies wrapped up training Tuesday at Clarke Stadium, in 0 C temperatures that aren’t close to what the team experienced during its recently concluded trip to Florida. “That was the worst start to a game I’ve ever had with this team; I don’t remember ever giving up three goals in a half like that while I played for (coach) Colin Miller.

“I think it was something weird. And it won’t happen again. I will guarantee that to any media.”

Will Carolina be the tonic for the Eddies? In 2014, the RailHawks were FC Edmonton’s whipping boys; in two visits to Clarke Stadium, the RailHawks were outscored 9-1 (of course, both of them lopsided wins for the Eddies). The RailHawks have made some changes in the off-season, including the signings of former Eddies Neil Hlavaty and Chris Nurse, though the latter has been away with the Guyanese national team.

Laing doesn’t think a lot from last year’s results can be applied to Sunday’s game.

“There’s a lot of new players coming into the picture; for us, it’s about gelling and getting everyone in tune with each other.”

Speaking to the media after the frosty training session, Miller said one bright spot from Saturday’s 3-1 loss to Jacksonville was the play of right back Eddie Edward. He said the Canadian fullback man-marked as well as he’d seen at “NASL or MLS” level.

Edward, like Laing, said that it’s hard to judge this version of the RailHawks by the 2014 side that struggled so mightily against the Eddies.

“It’s a new season, new mindset; it’s not like they are exactly the same team, either.”

He said the Eddies are hungry to show that Saturday’s loss wasn’t a fair representation of the kind of team Edmonton soccer supporters will see this season. But he stopped short of saying that the Eddies will come out wearing their emotions on their sleeves on Sunday.

“I don’t know about coming out angry, because we have to be careful about cards. But the thing about this team is that every time we step on the pitch, we want to prove a point.”
And, after Saturday’s loss, there’s a lot of messages this team needs to send in the home opener.

As of Tuesday, Environment Canada’s seven-day forecast calls for a high of 10 C and a low of -1 C for Sunday’s game. But sunny conditions are expected.

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  1. left back

    April 8, 2015 at 10:24 pm

    ya…. i don’t know why players say these things… i am sure with Edmonton’s history that this will happen again… a bunch of times… LL must like CM because he is starting to sound like him in that thread…. to revisit some classics from last year…. ‘i could have killed someone, i was that angry’… that one was stupid… ‘we were simply not good enough’… heard that one a million times… ‘the ref had a nightmare’…. that was over used last year…. ‘our defending was criminal’… he has already pulled that one out this year!…. the list is a mile long with this club… excuse after excuse…… just keep your mouth shut and get onto the next game already…. that simple. ‘it won’t happen again’… no one can promise these things so… he just sounds stupid.

  2. :-/

    April 8, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    Same old rant dude. Why follow the team if you don’t like them? Are we on the tele Steve or do I have to buy a ticket? Lol.

    • Steven Sandor

      April 8, 2015 at 12:55 pm

      CityTV this weekend; the feed will also be picked up by WRAL in North Carolina. Also available on the CityTV website for Canadians coast-to-coast and ESPN3 outside of Canada. Whew!

  3. Kahkakew Yawassanay

    April 7, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    Talk is cheap! FCE’s terrible spring cost them a playoff spot last year and this type of start is completely unacceptable considering they had 3 weeks to acclimatize for the opener. It is completely understandable that in the NASL inferior or marginal players are starters, but for a coach like Miller this strongly indicates an inability to properly prepare and select a squad that can challenge for the post season…..enough with pitiful explanations and excuses, either produce results or make changes as required because Edmonton supporters are fickle fair weather fans that only will support this club if it is winning

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