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Fath was at last week’s CanPL meetings, but warns not to expect a quick resurrection of FC Edmonton


As Toronto was in the midst of MLS Cup frenzy, the city hosted the most recent meetings of potential Canadian Premier League investors.

Amongst them was FC Edmonton owner Tom Fath. He confirmed that he was at last week’s meetings, but warned that those hopeful for a quick resurrection of the franchise shouldn’t get their hopes up.

Fath said his presence at the most recent round of CanPL talks was of an “exploratory” nature.

Just over two weeks ago, Fath confirmed that FC Edmonton, which had been an NASL member since the 2.0 version of the league launched on-field in 2011, would not return to that league. In fact, he said that the team would not return to any pro league unless a model could be found to make soccer sustainable in Edmonton.

Of course, soccer fans in the city are pinning their hopes on FC Edmonton being re-started for the Canadian Premier League, which is expected to begin operations in 2019, though the league itself has not confirmed a hard start date.

Fath has repeatedly said that he thinks the CanPL will be good for Canadian soccer. But, on Tuesday, he once again stressed that his appearances at league meetings doesn’t mean he’s committed to reviving FCE for CanPL.

He said that, just two weeks after announcing the franchise would discontinue operations, it would be premature to read anything into his recent trip to Toronto.

“We are not prepared to go from one situation where it wasn’t going to work, to another situation where it’s not going to work,” Fath said.

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