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Chris Nurse issues fond farewell statement to FC Edmonton, fans and the city


FC Edmonton veteran midfielder Chris Nurse has confirmed he won’t be back with club in 2014. Nurse, who was named the team’s MVP by his teammates and captured an NASL Player of the Month award this season, issued a statement to his followers and FCE supporters on Sunday.

His statement is included in its entirety:

Thank you very much to FC Edmonton, Mr. (Tom) Fath and FC Edmonton Supporters Group (ESG) for bringing me to Edmonton and allowing me to achieve so much as a player both on and off the field.

I met some fantastic people in this city, and the team has some exceptional talent and some youngsters with real bright futures. The players nicknamed me “baba” and, yes, ha ha, I did beat them at times, but only in jest and in love. They are my brothers and I am grateful to have been blessed to meet new friends for life.

Personal development and character building are goals of mine and my time here contributed substantially to that. I developed so much as a person over the course of the year. There was no greater reward for that than being voted FC Edmonton players’ player of the year by my teammates and to also be nominated by the league’s head coaches to be placed on a shortlist with 14 of the best players for the 2013 North American Soccer League MVP award.

(Ed. note: Defender Albert Watson was the other Eddie on the shortlist.)

Spending time raising awareness for breast cancer, reading stories to underprivileged kids and feeding the homeless were some of my highlights off the field and truly humbling.

In a meeting with the general manager on Monday October 28th, 2013, I was offered a contract extension and given a deadline of today to come to a decision. Unfortunately, I will be moving on next season.

I wish the organization all the best for the future. Keep posting the Lance Laing Photos, LOL. You guys are the best.

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  1. Clay

    November 4, 2013 at 12:28 am

    It worries me that the Nurse and Saiko decisions were made before the conclusion of the season. Boardroom negotiations shouldn’t be played out like this. Not enough revenue to maintain these contracts?

    • james

      November 4, 2013 at 6:26 pm

      I think the paths to most of these decisions lead to Colin Miller. It’s quite clear and I think all of these players have alluded to it. It’s personal, and not actually contractual. The players involved on the whole have all taken the high ground but the problem is pretty clear. The problem is Colin Miller. Everyone seems to love Fath, the supporters, their team mates and the city… Not much mention of Colin Miller. And given his behaviour, publically towards guys like Saiko, Nurse and Hamilton, it doesn’t take much to read between the lines.

      • RM

        November 4, 2013 at 9:44 pm

        Players took the high ground? really?….i don’t think going on twitter to complain about management is taking the high ground…do you?

        I have to respectfully disagree with you. 🙂

        And what was Colin’s behaviour (publicly) to guys like Saiko, Nurse, and Hamiliton? What was his behaviour? Hamilton didn’t make the cut at the beginning of the season. Just because Colin went a different way with the defenders at the beginning of the season doesn’t mean he is slighting Hamilton.

        Saiko was benched 3 games last year with Harry and then was played sparringly at the end of this season. So were Harry and Colin the issue or did Saiko have a part in his behaviour. It’s a marriage. 50/50.

        Nurse – why do you think he only plays a season with one team and then is off to another? perhaps his behaviour is a part of it as well.

        A coach comes in and the team/all players have to buy into his system. They’re all adults and have signed a contract to play. They are getting paid to play and a part of playing is learning/adapting to the system of the coach. If you don’t like the coach or the system, don’t sign up and if you sign up adapt. Suck it up princesses. Either play or walk.

        My two cents.

        • therealslimshady

          November 4, 2013 at 10:48 pm

          Where’s Saiko moved onwards and upwards to? Or will he be seen next in CIS?

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