What a difference a season makes: Hoilett goes from hot transfer target to QPR’s fringes

At the outset of 2012, Canadian soccer supporters wondered if convincing Junior Hoilett to play for the national side would be the difference between being knocked out in the second round of CONCACAF qualifying or making it to the Hex.

At the outset of 2013, Hoilett is simply fighting for the chance to preserve his Premiership career.

How things have changed in just a matter of months: At this time last year, the kid from Brampton, Ont., was the best thing about a bad Blackburn team. Because Rovers were in a relegation season, Hoilett’s name was attached to some of the hottest transfer rumours in Europe. Would he go to the Bundesliga? Tottenham? Arsenal? And, as has been the case, his camp continued to reject the Canadian Soccer Association’s pleas to come join the national side. As always, the word was that Hoilett had to wait until his European career was in a better place, till he was settled.

Now, you could argue that it’s been years since he’s been this unsettled. He signed with QPR in the off-season, a move to a London club which had decided to open the wallets. But, so far, it wouldn’t be unfair to speak of the move as disastrous.
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